Sunday, December 10, 2017

Radio – Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tonight's show is the programmed by the Shequalizing-X-Distort collective featuring Sarde, Marjie, and Zoe. Sarde gets things started..... Download an MP3 of the show here.

PURPLE X – Awaken (Self-Released)

NASTI – Parasites (Iron Lung)
CCFX – 2 Tru (Self-Released)
BIB – Hypnotized (Pop Wig)
HONEY – Mindless Violence (Self-Released)
CRAZY SPIRIT – Come a Little Closer (Toxic State)
PLAYBOY – The Traffic (Self-Released)

Marjie's first set
MALA HERBA – Rusalki (Self-Released)
GRUFTROSEN – Morder von Gestern (Gockel)
THE NURSE – Title in Japanese (Incest)
JANITOR SCUM – Vacuum Rebuilder (Self-Released)
SANCTION A – Sullivan (Self-Released)

Zoe's first set
TOTAL CONTROL – Vanity (Alter)
RIKI – Charming City
STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE – Since Yesterday (Korova)
THE CHAMELEONS – Don’t Fall (Statik)
WIRE – Outdoor Miner (Harvest)

Sarde features a new demo that is a band that features Jonah Falco (of so many bands from here) and Ola from Stab / Quality Control). The demo is titled "Who Will Play?" and can be heard on Quality Control's bandcamp page.

GAME – Game (Self-Released)
GAME – Marsz Tchorow (Self-Released)
GAME – Crush (Self-Released)
GAME – Silver (Self-Released)
GAME – Rzad Osiol (Self-Released)

Second set of Marji's starts out with a new band from Montreal that features members of proxy so it is being referred to as TBD. Josephine is Marjie's band.

TBD – In The City (Unreleased)
THE KIDS – There Will be No Next Time (Mercury)
THE TIGHTS – Cracked (Cherry Red)
JOSEPHINE – Ashes (Unreleased)

Zoe brings us out with...
VOICE OF THE PUPPETS – I Don’t Want to Know (Sing Sing)

WARM GUN – Broken Windows (Isadora)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Radio - Sunday December 3, 2017

Tonight's show features a lot of new releases from November. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 here

DERBE LEBOWSKI - Drowning (Spastic Fantastic / Dead Heroes)

ODD - Control! (Self-Released)
SUICIDADE - Destroy Patriarchy (Self-Released)
TRASH KNIFE - I Need (P Trash / Crapoulet)
RUT - Glare (Digital Regress)
ANTI-SEX - Rechazados por el Estado (Thrilling Living / World Gone Mad / Cintas Pepe)

THE RIPPERS - Shiny and Brown (Slovenly)
THE NO TALENTS - I Want Some More (Estrus)
BAROMEN AND SATAN - Buttermilk Sky
FLOP - I Told a Lie (Frontier)
MINK DEVILLE - Venus of Avenue D (Capitol)

ANINOKO - Anak Diaspora (Self-Released)
BALLOT BURNER - Broken Social Contract (Self-Released)
SONIC ORDER - Con Artist (Doomtown / Byllepest)
SELKASAUNA - Jumala Sanoi (Punk Off)
GENERALS - Right Wing Retards (Rock 'n' Roll Bullshit / Ratbite / Kamaset Lvyt)

HAXAN - New World (Self-Released)
HAND & LEG - Lovetreat (Slovenly / Black Gladiator)
PRETTIEST EYES - Pools (Castle Face)
RED KROSS - Peach Kelli Pop (Sympathy fr the Recird Industry)

BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Darwin Ne E Vo Pravo (Ill in the Head)
RUIN BY DESIGN - Familiar Surroundings (Self-Released)
XVICOX - E la luna bussò (Atomic Soup)
MENTIRA - Desastre (Self-Released)

Top 10 – November 2017
DREAM PROBE - Puerco (Self-Released)
RAT’S BLOOD - Self Medication
SICKSIDE - Seguro de vida
DURS COEURS - Chateau de Cartes (Discos MMM / Imminent Destruction)
BROMURE - Catacombes (Une Vie Pour Rien)
SICK OF SHIT - Parasites (Schizophrenic)
VITTNA - Djävla (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - The Wanderer (Self-Released)
LIMP WRIST - Wrap Yourselves in Me (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DAGGER - I Don't Want Your World (Lengua Armada)

DESCENDENTS- Grindstone (Epitaph)
SHUTDOWN - Made to Suffer (Self-Released)
DIKTAT - Marche et Crève (Self-Released)
AARGH FUCK KILL - Warning (Rawmantic Disasters / Sengaja / Colossus)

The demo feature is a band from Vancouver called Nic Fit and their release "Vietnam Never Happened" can be found on bandcamp.

NIC FIT - Too Young (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - The Addiction (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - Business Ethics (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - No Rights (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - What Would the Neibours Say? (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - I Don't Drink Milk (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - American Dream (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - I Wanna Bleed (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - Telephone (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - No Fun (Self-Released)
NIC FIT - I Don't Love You (Self-Released)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Radio - Sunday, November 26th, 2017

About a month ago we recorded the Protruders in CIUT's hallway. Half the band was moving to Mexico for a period of time and we weren't sure the band would get back together so this felt like our only chance to get a live session and interview with the band, similar to the last session with Pure Pressure. You can hear the interview and live recording in the first three quarters of tonight's show. You can download the show here

THE PROTRUDERS - Controller Controller (CIUT)
THE PROTRUDERS - Tax Evasion 101 (CIUT)
THE PROTRUDERS - Hydro-Phytol-Oxy-Plastick (CIUT)
THE PROTRUDERS - Principal John (CIUT)

Here is some new music that we haven't been able to play yet.

PROM NITE - Masculine Side (Barfbag)
LION SLICER - Cops For Fertilizer (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS - Booji Boys (Drunken Sailor)
PRISION POSTUMO - Palabra de Dios (Discos MMM / Verdugo Discos)
ISS - penISS envy (The Loki Label)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Home Sweet Home (Schizophrenic)
SOCIAL DIVORCE - A Message to you Rudy (Giuliani) (Self-Released)
NBX - Grain of Salt (MA Glory)
HOTHEADS - Wasting My Life Away (Self-Released)
WE SLEEP - We Sleep (Self-Released)
PIG CITY - Red Hats-White Hoods (Self-Released)

Dream Probe from Champaign, Illinois, were up here for the recent Not Dead Yet fest. This is their second demo. You can find this on their bandcamp page.

DREAM PROBE - Acuchilla Rosello (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE - Puerco (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE - Demenios (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE - Romperme los Huevos (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE - Maldito Soy (Self-Released)

PURE PRESSURE - Tides (Self-Released)
OVER THE TOP - We Hate your Band (Spastic Fantastic)
SWHAT - Tasty Wasty
RADIATION RISKS - Help! by the Beatles (Lumpy)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Radio - Sunday November 19, 2017

This is our fall fundraising show and as usual we started out with name that tune with Mr. Brown from the Prophesy from which for the first time since we have been doing this he guessed correctly. I played some more Specials related things because James was a ska DJ before getting into jungle. You can download the show here. You can pledge on line at

ANTI- NOWHERE LEAGUE – Long shot Kick de Bucket by the Pioneers (Cleopatra)
SPECIALS – Long Shot Kick de Bucket (Live)

Many times on the shows we are doing tributes to punks who have passed away, but tonight we are going to play some hasher rock for Malcolm Young who passed away yesterday from dementia. There is no disputing that AC DC were a rock band, but they rocked like punks, so this is “Whole Lotta Rosie” because the only punk band that I ever saw do an AC DC cover was No SYSTEM from Boston and this is the song they covered.

AC DC - Whole Lotta Rosie (Albert)
NO SYSTEM - Coming Back (No Way)
CREATIVE ZERO - Rest in Peace (Unreleased)

Here are some songs about the love for radio

THE CLASH – This is Radio Clash (CBS)
B-SIDES – Underground Radio Stars (Radioactive)
BULLET PROOF LOVERS – I am my Radio (Ghost Highway)

The live recordings remain a staple on Equalizing-X-Distort. Tuesday nights we load in at the broadcast studio. Record as much as we can in about an hour and a half. Load out and then come back and do an interview, which all gets mixed and then mixed live on Sunday night as a feature of a local band usually. A lot of work goes into those sessions from all involved from the bands, to the volunteers to the broadcast. Rob, from Pure Pressure / the Protruders, who was in over the last six months talks about what it was like to come in and what it means for bands. We also recorded sessions with OUTCRY from Halifax, ALIEN BOYS from Vancouver, SICK OF SHIT from Hamilton, BLANK STARES, and DRAGGED IN from here

PROTRUDERS - Principal John (CIUT)

Alex from SAGO / Sofistifucks and Chad also from Sago came in to answer phones. Alex has had a big influence on the show in terms of turning us on to programming ideas from live bands to interviews to checking out CIUT programs. Chad talks about recording here and about doing a show a Brock. They let us play a new song by SAGO

SAGO – Los Ojos (Unreleased)
PATTI SMITH GROUP – So You Wanna Be (A Rock n Roll Star)
THE MONSIEURS – Suburban Girls (Slovenly)

GUTARA KYO – Romantic (Slovenly)
JEAN DADDY – Let’s Ride Boys (Self-Released)
THE RIPTIDES – Goodbye Hawaii (Self-Released)

Every month we pick a Top 10 of latest releases and here are some of my favourite releases in the last six months.

LONG KNIFE- - Bastards of Bedlam (Beach Impediment)
PISSING MATCH – November Brain (Feral Kid)
RAT CAGE – No Consolation (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ESCORT – Fuck Me Hard (Self-Released)
FIRING SQUAD – Waiting For Death (Agitate)

Equalizing-X-Distort features a demo every week, which is an early recording and usually a band’s most exciting recording. In the last six months we featured demos by RASHOMON (DC), PLASTIC HEADS (Toronto), PROM NITE (Toronto),
NINOS RATA (Montreal), BOOTLICKER (Kamloops), QUE LASTIMA (Toronto), CHARGED SS (Mexico), IRON EYE (PEI), and LION’s SHARE (St. John’s). 

Tonight we are featuring a new band called KORYDOR featuring members of SIYAHKAL, FAKE PALMS, Alex Kress, the photographer behind “Feeding Time: Split Seconds in Toronto Punk. You can download the demo from their bandcamp page.

KORYDOR - Intro (Descent)
KORYDOR - Lie to Her (Self-Released)
KORYDOR - Impulse (Self-Released)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Radio - Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tonight's show features an interview with Sect, a demo feature with Rashomon, some music and a reference to Remembrance Day to start out with. You can download an MP3 here.

CRASS – Bomb (Bitter Fruit)

REVOLUTION BUMMER - Greatest Weapon (Self-Released)
ED WARNER - After the bomb (Crapoulet)
MACHINE GUN - Murder (Even Worse)
APPARITION - Record Low (Self-Released)
CRUEL FACE - Our Hate For Racists (Self-Released)

We interviewed Sect on Friday October 13th. They had just come in to town to play Not Dead Yet the next day. They spent the evening practicing so it was good of them to come in after jamming all night and eating on the way to CIUT, but I feel like the interview got into things that I haven’t read elsewhere regarding how they got together, what they sound like, what they sing about, and how this band works. Here it is…..

SECT - Total Void (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - All or Nothing (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Curfew / Rendition (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Death Dealer (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Scourge of Empire (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Interference (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Fend (Self-Released)
SECT - Interview (CIUT)
SECT - Seventh Extinction (Self-Released)

PINEN - Emancipación (Self-Released)
BROMURE - Catacombes (Une Vie Pour Rien?)
DEAD HERO - Nunca te daras por vencido (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI - Soil Yourself (Beluga Music)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from DC that sings in Japanese. We learned about them from Miriam's set in the last SHEXD show and you can hear the demo at bandcamp. Great band. 

RASHOMON – Intro (Self-Released)
RASHOMON – Develop and Genocide (Self-Released)
RASHOMON – Corpse Syndrome (Self-Released)
RASHOMON – New Horizon (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, November 12th, 2017